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Ro and Skye

Skye's the Limit was a reality program. It was hosted by Skye Hoaps and produced by Harry Lux.


Part of the show was focused on reuniting people with lost family members. But unknown to Skye, Lux considered it too expensive to even search for their guests' relatives and stopped looking early on. Instead, he exchanged them with actors, keeping everyone, including Skye, oblivious to the show's true nature. Only after the show did he inform the guests it was a fraud, returned them to whichever children's home they came from, and collect money from the state to boot. The latest guest, Rosalie Rowan, was looking for her long lost brother. The actor they hired looked nothing like the picture she had, as they were unaware she possessed one. Her friend Zeta then came in, exposing Lux's deception. Once the two evaded NSA agents waiting in the crowd, Skye reorganized the show and ensured the crowd that she'd try everything to make up for Lux's deceptions.

Both Lux and the social worker he was working with went to jail for fraud.


The Zeta Project