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"I would like your autograph, sir!"[1]

Skeets was the robotic sidekick of Booster Gold.


Skeets was always at Booster's side. He often acted as his cheering section, presenting a promotional video to baffled onlookers, who nonetheless kept mistaking Booster for Green Lantern. Skeets also acted as a scanning instrument and mobile library to assist Booster in his crime fighting.

When the entire Justice League was mobilized to combat the evil sorcerer Mordru, Skeets naturally accompanied Booster, and even acted as a traffic light while Booster was assigned to crowd control. He was particularly valuable in providing Booster with an emergency childbirth procedure when he had to assist a pregnant woman marooned in a crashed ambulance in labor, which nearly made Booster throw up.

Booster was initially devastated when Skeets was sucked into the black hole created by Dr. Brown but overjoyed when Skeets was spit out by the collapsing hole.

He presumably continued to assist Booster, though he was not seen at his side as constantly.

Background information[]

In the comics, Skeets was an information and security droid at the Metropolis Space Museum of the 25th century. He befriended disgraced former football star Michael Jon Carter and shared a security beat with Carter during the museum's off-hours. One night Carter, to Skeets's alarm, decided to steal several museum artifacts and escape backwards in time. Before the little robot could sound an alarm, Carter deactivated Skeets with a remote device. When Skeets returned to functional status, he found that Carter had used the time machine to travel to the 21st century, with the intention of becoming a super-hero using the advanced technology he'd brought from the museum—including the hapless curator droid. Since the museum would not exist for at least another hundred years, Skeets was no longer obligated to apprehend Booster. Skeets would instead aid Booster in his heroic pursuits; at the very least, Skeets's historical database could help prevent Booster from catastrophically changing the course of history. When Booster was eventually invited into the Justice League, Skeets followed suit as Booster's sidekick.


Justice League Unlimited


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