Chaos at the Earth's Core

War in Skartaris.

Skartaris was a mysterious land in a pocket dimension.


Powered by a small red sun, the world of Skartaris was home to many different tribes and nations, and had a diverse wildlife that included dinosaur species that were extinct on the outside World. Several people were able to travel from the outside to the inside via a hole in the North Pole.



Skartaris sky

The Sky of Skartaris.

Background information

Skartaris was created for First Issue Special #8, Warlord's comics debut. In this world view, the Earth is hollow; the core is in fact a small red sun. Skartaris lies on the inside of the sphere, creating a unique sky on which the lands on the other side could be seen. "Chaos at the Earth's Core" is more consistent in this than the comics; on more than a few occasions artists would give Skartaris a generic blue sky.

In the DCAU, the Earth is not hollow. According to Dwayne McDuffie, Skartaris is located in a pocket dimension.[1]


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