"Signal Fires" is the thirtieth episode of Gotham Girls.


Barbara turns around and sees Detective Reesedale, who is herself relieved to see that it's just Barbara. As it turns out, Gordon's keycard wouldn't have worked; Selma revamped the security system due to everybody seeming to have a way in. Looking around inside, they try to figure out what happened, noting where Catwoman was, without the device, and that the device itself was there when Harley and Ivy stole it.

Reesedale concludes that whoever was responsible must have known what his device could do—and for that, they must have had a connection to Mr. Freeze. The Commissioner's prime suspect is Batgirl, based on "hard evidence". Selma admits that she's never seen it, but she trusts Gordon, who is the only person (apart, now, from Barbara) who knows her secret. Barbara decides to go find out for herself.

The Bat-signal lights up the sky. Gordon comes up to investigate, and finds Barbara, who had known it would get his attention. He is surprised when Barbara brings up Selma—"'He?' What are you talking about?"—and confirms that he has evidence connecting Batgirl to the crime.

Barbara replies that "I'm sorry to hear that... dad". Then, despite his confused protests, she hits him with a batarang, knocking him off the edge and onto the Bat-signal, as she begins changing into her Batgirl costume...

To be continued...

Interactive Segment

A bat icon allows the viewer to see what's in the busted-up lockers of Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler and Mr. Freeze.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Jennifer Hale Selma Reesedale
Bob Hastings James Gordon (robot)
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