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[[Category:Batman Beyond rogues]]
[[Category:Batman Beyond rogues]]
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Walter Shreeve was a brilliant sound engineer who created a suit that could generate and control sound. With the suit Shreeve became Shriek


Walter Shreeve was a gifted sound engineer under the employ of Wayne-Powers Enterprises. Shriev's funding was frozen by CEO Derek Powers. Powers then forced Shreeve to use an experimental suit to make Bruce Wayne retire from active duty on the Board of Regents after he torpedoed one of Powers' pet projects to demolish Crime Alley in Gotham.

After his first encounter with Batman, Shriek's suit was damage, which caused him to lose his hearing. While he was eventually able to construct a hearing aid, he was never able to fully regain his hearing and sought revenge against Batman only to fail over and over.

Powers & Abilities

Shreeve is able to use sound vibrations to create earthquakes and other destructive properties. He's also able to "mute" all sound in a surrounding area. Able to transmit radio signals to receivers the size of a paperclip.


Batman Beyond

Justice League Unlimited

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