DC Animated Universe

Not to be confused with Schiz.

Shiv was a metahuman who could create weapons of light energy from his hands. He was a member of the Meta-Breed, usually opposing the superhero Static.


Shiv was part of Ebon's gang prior to the Big Bang, and later became part of the Meta-Breed.

At some point, Shiv was recruited to the Joker's Bang Baby group to dispose of Static, Batman and Robin; their plan initially failed. Shiv would go on to attempt to defeat Static persistently, allying himself with the Meta-Breed.

Shiv lost his powers when Dr. Todd's cure was released. He joined the Meta-Breed and other bang babies in regaining their powers, but failed when Hotstreak took the last vial for himself. It is unknown if he survived the destruction of the ship or not.


Shiv is somewhat sadistic, and perhaps even psychotic, taking great pleasure in harming others. He also has a passion for video games. Despite this, he is a loyal follower of Ebon and later the Joker, being a "big fan" of the latter.

Although a capable fighter, Shiv is rather incompetent and reckless in other respects. While robbing a store with Talon and Carmen-Dillo, he decides to play video games rather than help them. In addition, he usually never manages to land a hit on Static.

Powers and abilities

Shiv had the power to form light energy-based constructs from his hands. His signature attack is turning his hands into blades, sharp enough to cut through steel. In addition, he can also form grappling hooks, boxing gloves, bo staffs, a large bird cage, a ping-pong paddle, buzzsaws, large wheels for locomotion, and shurikens.