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Shifter was the only female member of the Ultimen, and the twin sister to Downpour.


Though they were created as twins, Downpour saw himself more as the big brother. Shifter constantly argued with him, but would do anything to protect him. When the Ultimen found out they were part of an experiment to creating superpowered clones with implanted memories, they rebelled. The Ultimen (except Long Shadow, who had switched his allegiance to the Justice League) attacked the labs that created them, hoping to take down the League to boot. Shifter and Downpour attacked and were defeated by Aquaman. After their arrest, the Ultimen were taken to Cadmus where they are assumed to have soon died in captivity from cellular degeneration.

In order to support Galatea's attack on the Justice League Watchtower, Cadmus manufactured an army of Ultimen clones, including Shifter. While retaining the Ultimen's powers and expertise in using them, the clones were essentially mindless, possessing no free will so as to be used only as living metahuman weapons of destruction (which, ironically, was what the original Ultimen feared the government wanted them to be all along). The clones served to distract the League while Galatea went after the reactor. However, the assault failed as the League successfully defended their base in a massive battle.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Shifter had the ability to shapeshift into any animal she wants, though she retained her natural white skin color at all times.

Background information

Shifter as well as the rest of the Ultimen are based on original characters from the Super Friends series. Shifter is an update of Jayna from the Wonder Twins. Like the Wonder Twins, Shifter and Downpour tended to call out their form of attack before proceeding. (Downpour: "Flood!"; Shifter: "Sea Serpent!")


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