Sharon Hawkins
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Robert Hawkins (father)
Jean Hawkins (mother, deceased)
Virgil Hawkins (brother)
Base: Dakota
Voiced by: Ambrosia Kelley (young)
Michele Morgan

Sharon Hawkins was the older sister of Virgil Hawkins and the girlfriend of Rubberband Man. She was a college student, but still lived at home with her brother, Virgil, and their dad, Robert.


After her and Virgil's mom, Jean, passed away, Sharon took it upon herself to act as the woman of the house (mostly when it came to cooking and doling out chores between herself and her brother). In addition to being a college student, she also worked as a counselor at the Freeman Community Center, where her dad worked and where Sharon acted as a guidance counselor to several students, including Marcus Reed[1] and Dulé Jones.[2] Eventually, Sharon started dating Adam Evans, helping him get on the right side of the law. Virgil, at first, didn't approve of Sharon going out with Adam, but eventually came to support the relationship, with Adam even becoming like an older brother-figure to Virgil. While Sharon and Virgil do argue a lot, it's obvious that they really do care about each other, with Sharon going so far as to persuade their father not to get angry at Virgil when he seems to be shirking his responsibilities at home and in school (unknown to them, the reason was that Static's heroic forays were getting in the way of Virgil's personal life).[3]

When she was in Africa, along with her father and Virgil she met Anansi.[4] Early in her brother's career as Static she suspected the truth when she noticed various similar traits in Static and Virgil. Only a little help from Mirage fooled her into thinking she was wrong.[5]

Ironically, while Sharon often gets frustrated with her brother when he's not being a superhero, Sharon was actually a die-hard Static-fan.

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