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"Shadows" is the eighth episode of the first season of The Zeta Project. It is a crossover with Batman Beyond.


Infiltration Unit 7 resumes its search for Zeta. It tracks Zeta to a shopping mall in Diamond Springs, where Ro is trying to teach him about fun through video games while they wait for Dr. Selig to finish a genetics conference. IU7 adopts a hologram to look like Zeta, and approaches Ro to learn the whereabouts of the real Zeta. Ro realizes that IU7 is a fake, but can't stop him from attacking the real Zeta. In the ensuing fight, the mall is destroyed, but Zeta manages to prevent anyone being hurt, except for Ro. Zeta brings Ro to the Arlington Mercy hospital, where he is told that she'll be all right, but he still feels guilty.

Batman and Bruce Wayne view security footage (acquired through Wayne-Powers, which has an interest in the mall) of the mall's destruction. Based on the incomplete footage, they believe Zeta to be responsible. Shocked that Zeta has apparently regressed to his old habits, Batman tracks Zeta to the hospital, where he sees Zeta saying goodbye to an unconscious Ro while carrying his welding torch. He believes that Zeta intends to kill her, and breaks in. He nearly destroys Zeta, but is stopped by Ro, who just woke up. Batman does not believe that Zeta is innocent, until IU7 breaks in. Batman helps Zeta to fight IU7 in another destructive battle. Finally, Zeta lures IU7 to a generator that will destroy them both, but he is saved by Batman while IU7 is torn apart.

On top of the building, Batman apologizes to Zeta before he leaves, then tells them that Agent Bennet is on his way. They have to keep moving. Zeta tells Ro that he doesn't want her with him because it is too dangerous. Ro refuses to leave, and to Zeta's increasing confusion, tells him that she is having fun!

Ground Wire Gage

Zeta: This was called an egg timer. It was used to time eggs.
Ro: Time eggs for what?
Zeta: Perhaps until they hatched?
Ro: (timer pings) Seemed kinda quick.


  • This episode aired on the same day as the Batman Beyond episode "Countdown", but takes place after that episode, since Ro and Batman have already met by this time.

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Actor Role
Diedrich Bader Zeta / Zee
Infiltration Unit 7 (uncredited)
Julie Nathanson Rosalie "Ro" Rowan
Will Friedle Batman
Kevin Conroy Bruce Wayne
Eli Marienthal Kid Zee
Hamilton Camp Dr. Rashad
Brandon Jaxson Blair
Lionel Clark Smith SWAT Captain