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The Shadow Thief was Joseph Gardner's dark side, split into an independent entity through contact with the Asbsorbacron.


Shadow Thief was born from the dark soul of Katar Hol, and when he touched the Asbsorbacron, the two were split. In a twisted kind of way, Shadow Thief has tried to make life better for Katar Hol, showing him the secrets of Thanagarian technology and being the villain for him to vanquish.

He first showed himself when Joseph Gardner, now Carter Hall, brought Shayera Hol to "their" ancient tomb in Egypt to reveal their history to her. He attacks Batman and tries to keep him from the two while they speak. Later on he gathers pieces of Thanagarian wreckage, giving the impression that he is simply a common thief. Of course later on, he is revealed to be so much more.

After Hawkman's encounter with the Green Lantern John Stewart, the Shadow Thief lies in wait to attack and capture him. He manages to waylay Vixen and take John away. Later on Vixen and Shayera visit Carter at the museum to find out if he knows anything, only to find Shadow Thief has John and Carter bound. He incapacitates Vixen and forces John, Carter and Shayera to see their ancient history through the recovered Asbsorbacron. At first Shayera thinks that the Shadow Thief is Hath-Set who had poisoned them in ancient times, but Shadow Thief reveals he is part of Carter Hall. He offers Hall the chance to kill John so that nothing will stand in the way of Shayera. However, Hall instead frees John, so Shadow Thief had to do it himself. He injured John by breaking his arm but Carter forces him back into his psyche.


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