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Sentries of the Last Cosmos
You may also be looking for the episode "Sentries of the Last Cosmos"

Sentries of the Last Cosmos was a VR game written by Eldon Michaels and produced by Simon Harper.


Set in a futuristic space arena, the player became a member of the Sentries, a group of agents of the Great Wise One and had to destroy the forces of the Dark Regent.

Although Michaels had written the game, Harper received all the proceeds and refused to share them with Michaels as contractually agreed. After Michaels sued Harper, he equipped players with real-life battle suits to take down Michaels. It was stopped by Batman.

After Harper was exposed, Michaels assumed control over the artistic direction of the series. He made several changes, increasing the amount of backstory.[1] This went down well with the game's core fanbase, but alienated some casual gamers.[2]

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