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Selma Reesedale was a transgender woman who served as a detective for Gotham Police Department's Special Crimes Unit.


Having heard a noise from inside the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault at Gotham Police Department, Selma approached the vault, taking out her keycard, to investigate. Having suspicions there may be someone inside, she opened the door, and found Catwoman within. The two women shared a startled stare before Selma sounded the alarm.

After Catwoman escaped, Selma called home to leave a message for her cat, letting her know her owner would be home late. However, during the call, the detective vanished mid-sentence - coincidentally, at the same time as Gotham City's entire population of men. Unsure of what's was going on in either case, the media and police pinned the blame for Selma's disappearance on Catwoman, believing the vigilante had kidnapped the detective.

Selma's transition timeline

Batgirl and Catwoman violated the detective's privacy and hacked her protected files while searching for a lead, finding photos that documented her transition journey.

Both Catwoman and Batgirl conducted independent investigations into the disappearance of the detective, which crossed paths at the detective's apartment. Selina played back the detective's final message for Batgirl, and let the vigilante know that she had been trying to access a locked folder on Selma's hard drive. Within seconds, Barbara hacked in, and was presented with photos of the detective's transition process. Shocked to find that Selma was assigned male at birth, the two now understood why she went missing.

Once Harley Quinn reversed the polarity on Mister Freeze's anti-man gun, Selma was the first to reappear. She popped back into the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault at Gotham Police Department with her cellphone still in hand.

Back in service, the first thing Reesedale did was change the locks and up the security on the Dangerous Evidence Vault, as everyone had managed to get in way too easily. Keeping a keen eye on the vault, the detective pulled her gun on Barbara Gordon, who was attempting to gain access to pursue evidence about the perpetrator behind the men's disappearance. Having realized that this wasn't a criminal, but James Gordon's daughter, the detective apologized and offered her a tour of the vault.

Inside the vault, Selma recalled the events of the night of her disappearance to Barbara but tells her that Catwoman wasn't holding Mister Freeze's device. This led both women to believe someone else had been behind it all, someone who had a connection to Mr. Freeze and knew what the device could do.

Selma told Barbara that Commissioner Gordon believed Batgirl was behind it all. Barbara voiced an understanding for the detective's respect for James Gordon, and let Selma in on the fact she knew her father was (previously) the only one who was out to. Selma told Barbara that the trust was a two-way street, and that while she hadn't seen it, Gordon had solid evidence connecting Batgirl to the crime. That information would prove vital in Batgirl's investigation, when the Commissioner Gordon she met on the roof was unaware of the secret.

Background information[]

  • Selma Reesedale is the only known transgender character to appear in the DCAU.


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