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Sela Ward (born July 11, 1956 in Meridian, Mississippi) is an American actress, author, producer, and spokesperson.

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Like her animated character, Ward is celebrated for having retained her beauty through the present day. She is currently best known as the ill-fated Helen Kimble in the 1993 Academy Award-winning blockbuster The Fugitive; Lily Manning, the star of the romantic comedy TV series Once and Again; Stacy Warner, the ex-wife of the title character of the series House, M.D. (alongside Lisa Edelstein); and her role in the 2009 horror remake of the 1987 slasher thriller The Stepfather.

At the time "Mean Seasons" was produced, Ward was conducting a campaign of protest against ageist bias in Hollywood. When Ward auditioned for a role in the new James Bond film, GoldenEye, she was rejected on the grounds that she was too old (she was 39 at the time, two years younger than Pierce Brosnan, who had been cast as Bond). The film's casting director reportedly added a thoughtless remark that Ward would have been perfect for the role, if the film were being made ten years earlier (when she was 29).

Ward later produced a documentary depicting Hollywood's obsession with youth and its harmful effects on public perception. Her appearance in "Mean Seasons" could be construed as part of the same campaign.

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