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"And now I see why Richie acts like a hood, Maggie. That kid's a bad influence. All his kind are!"

Sean Foley was the father of Richie Foley.


Sean Foley was an Irish American man who hated African Americans for no apparent reason, a racist attitude that his son, Richie Foley, resented. His comments about Richie's best friend, Virgil Hawkins, caused Richie to run away. Ultimately, Sean swallowed his pride and asked Virgil's father, Robert Hawkins, for help. During their trip, he realized that he knew little about his son and hadn't even considered that Virgil was African American.

During their search, Robert called him out for driving Virgil away the previous night. Embarrassed, Sean exclaimed he wasn't trying to single out Virgil, but Robert bluntly told him that he might as well have been, pointing out that his refusal to adapt to a changing world kept him from truly knowing his son.

They found Richie in a warehouse, where Ebon had trapped him. Sean helped Static against Ebon during the fight. With Ebon subdued, Sean reconciled with Richie, apologizing for driving him away and vowing to overcome his racism.[1]


Static Shock


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