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"She's a nice lady, and very talented, but I don't think she quite grasped what we were trying to do with Batman. - Bruce Timm[1]"

Sean Catherine Derek (October 16, 1953) is an American writer, story editor, actress, and producer who worked with Hanna Barbera Productions on shows like The Smurfs and Captain Planet.


After Paul Dini had turned down the job due to his responsibilities on Tiny Toons, Sean Derek was hired as the initial story editor for Batman: The Animated Series to help the inexperienced producers, Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski.[1] Ultimately, she didn't gel with the production due to a difference in vision, as she was more concerned about doing "public service announcement" episodes with social messages. Recalling her involvement, Radomski would say "Batman's character motivation is simple--just do whatever it takes to get the point across. That doesn't mean lecturing or being a great philosopher about life. He just says you're doing wrong--don't do it."[2]

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