DC Animated Universe

"Scout's Dis-Honor" is the twentieth episode of Gotham Girls and the ninth episode of Season Two.


As Harley Quinn laments drifting through life, not contributing anything, a knock comes at the door. She answers it, and finds a Mandy Scout selling cookies. After she grabs the box and begins eating the cookies, Poison Ivy is surprised to learn that Harley used to be a Scout herself, although she claims that the cookies were the only good part. Ivy decides that someone should teach those girls some "valuable" life skills, and Harley agrees.

It's not long before Harley has formed a group of "Harley Scouts", all of whom dress like her and follow her twisted moral outlook. Batgirl interrupts the meeting, and when Harley points out that she daren't hit a little girl, she reveals that she brought some "help": the Mandy Scouts. As the girls battle around them, using their badge-begotten skills to considerable (if comical) effect, Harley Quinn fights with Batgirl and successfully subdues her. That being accomplished, she begins to sneak off with the money and cookies—but is caught in the act by both the Harley and Mandy Scouts, who descend upon her...

With Harley Quinn tied to a chair, Batgirl provides Law-And-Order merit badges for everyone in the shape of black-and-yellow Bat-crests.

Interactive Segment[]

The viewer can click and see what's inside the "Harley Scout" cookie boxes, complete with a description of their contents: Chocolate Nightmares, Hyena Howlers, and Puddin' Cookies.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Mandy Scout
Harley Scout
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy


Harley Quinn: Do you ever feel like we're just drifting through life, not making any kind of meaningful contribution to society?
Poison Ivy: I'm an eco-terrorist of global proportions. I make a contribution.

Harley Quinn: (raises hand) I promise, as a Mandy Scout, to always be helpful and to share with others, especially those who need it most.
Poison Ivy: Well, you certainly took that one to heart. Not.

Batgirl: (seeing the "Harley Scouts" meeting) That's just not right.

Harley Scout Oath: A Harley Scout does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, to whoever she wants. So get out of my face, chump.

Harley Quinn: Today, we're going to work on our badges for Internet fraud and identity theft!