Not to be confused with Shiv or Skaz.

Schiz was a telepath employed by the Brain Trust.


Schiz and Bombshell witnessed Ro when she was "talking" to a machine. Not knowing it was Zeta in disguise, they kidnapped the girl to use her supposed metahuman powers. With the help of local bikers, they got away.

When the leader of the bikers, Earl, came to the hideout, Bombshell and Edgar found him very quiet. Schiz couldn't read his mind. Improvising, Ro revealed him as a robot. The Brain Trust briefly fought him, seemingly destroying him. The group went on with their plan: to destroy a radio tower, in the hope that its shock wave would trigger the dormant metagenes in some local children.

Zeta interfered, and chaos ensued. Bombshell sent Schiz to retrieve Ro and two other children, Amp and Transita. He used his mind reading ability to scan the surroundings, and when he located the children, alerted the rest of the Brain Trust. At that point, Amp used his powers to overload Schiz' mind. All the members of the Brain Trust were arrested afterward.


The Zeta Project

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