"I give you funny. You give me money."[1]

Scab was a member of J-Man's group of Jokerz.


Scab was responsible for stealing an experimental aircraft. With his gang, he ran amok in Gotham City. He once defaced a holoscreen projector on the elevator and then attempted to mug a woman as "payment" for her "smile." However, Terry McGinnis witnessed this and tried to get him to back off, eventually threatening him. Scab, however despite not taking kindly to the threat, moved out of the elevator when security was boarding, causing Terry to scoff in irritation at the Jokerz gang's acts. He later participated with the rest of the Jokerz in tormenting the people outside the nightclub, eventually pursuing Terry when he attempted to fend them off, only to eventually be beaten by an elderly man with the rest of his gang.

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