DC Animated Universe

Sazu was the handmaiden and secretary of Queen Maxima of Almerac.


Sazu helped her queen in her hunt for a worthy husband. She informed her of Superman; Maxima was so impressed that she went to get him herself. But Sazu's motives were not wholly honest; she lured her queen away so De'Cine, an earlier candidate and her secret lover, could take the throne from her.

With broad public and military support, De'Cine and Sazu took over the planet. When Maxima returned with Superman, they were locked up. But much to her surprise, De'Cine also ordered the arrest of Sazu, who had outlived her purpose. They were all sent to the catacombs.

In the catacombs, Maxima vented her anger on Sazu, but Superman prevented her from killing her handmaiden. Maxima, still angry, was eager to escape before the carnorite came for them. But it already had. It grabbed and stunned Sazu. Superman carried her away as they fled from the creature.

Sazu came to before the Superman and Maxima defeated the creature, and she followed them back to the surface. While the other two fought off De'Cine's bodyguard, Sazu snuck to the throne and retrieved Maxima's armband. She evaded De'Cine and activated the belt, opening a portal to the catacombs. After De'Cine and all his guards were defeated, Sazu escorted De'Cine to the worst cell she could think of.


Superman: The Animated Series