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San Baquero

San Baquero was an island located in the Gulf of Mexico.


The small island was both a geothermal and political hotbed. Authorities had difficulties ending large-scale drug trafficking operations into the United States.

The Justice League came to the aid of the islanders when the volcano showed signs of a forthcoming eruption. Though Superman attempted to prevent the volcano from erupting, his efforts were interrupted by the recently escaped Doomsday who made his way there to battle him. General Wade Eiling thought the best solution to deal with all their problems — Doomsday, Superman and the drugs — was by firing a thermo-nuclear missile to the island. Batman, however, managed to intercept the missile. Superman defeated Doomsday, throwing him into the volcano's hardening lava, after which the volcano erupted and destroyed the entire island.[1]


Justice League Unlimited


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