DC Animated Universe

"Don't mind him. Every chain gang has a comedian."
Dan Riley

Salvo Smith was a man who wound up working as a slave in Boss Biggis' work camp.


Salvo was one of Gotham's unemployed. Tempted by an offer of work, he was suckered into Boss Biggis' mine camp. His happy-go-lucky attitude and his cynicism often got him in trouble; openly throwing a raspberry at the Boss which was about to earn him a stay in "the Box", had in not been for Dan Riley and Gaff Morgan who came to his defense.

After Batman shut down Biggis' operations, Bruce Wayne offered him a job at Wayne Enterprises, and Salvo moved in with the Riley family until he was able to find a place of his own. True to his happy-go-lucky nature, Salvo commented to Riley that maybe the traumatizing experience was only a nightmare, and he might wake up a millionaire, after seeing Gaff was an alias of Bruce Wayne.


Batman: The Animated Series