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Sable Thorpe was Paxton Powers's personal assistant, who betrayed him in league with her secret lover, King.


When Paxton hired the Royal Flush Gang to steal pre-Columbian art for his private collection, a dispute with King arose when the Gang, after an encounter with Batman, had to return with a slightly damaged piece. Paxton paid them a small fraction of their promised fee, and, when King objected, Sable quickly knocked him flat.

She apparently received her comeuppance when the Gang kidnapped Paxton from his mansion, knocking her into the nearby pool while she was giving Paxton a massage.

Unknown to anyone else, she and King had secretly become lovers at some point, and the kidnap plot was actually a more complex scheme for them to steal Paxton's collection and make a getaway with it, allowing King to abandon the rest of his family. When Paxton offered to give up a piece of his collection, the Crown of Tikal, for his ransom, he gave the Gang the security codes to his mansion, which King passed to Thorpe so she could steal the rest of it. Delivering Paxton to the ransom drop, the rest of the Gang was taken prisoner by Batman, while King made a getaway with the crown.

King betrayal

Miss Thorpe with King.

King and Thorpe met at the Gang's hideout, preparing to make their getaway, but Queen escaped Batman and discovered them together. In the ensuing fight, Thorpe tried to flee with the loot, but Batman tied her up, before apprehending King and Queen. She was presumably arrested.

Powers and abilities[]

A skilled martial artist, and a woman of many talents, Thorpe was employed by Paxton as a personal assistant, driver, bodyguard, and masseuse.


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