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Adam Evans became Rubberband Man after the Big Bang. Originally an anti-hero, Adam eventually reformed and began using his powers for good.


Shortly after discovering his powers, Adam tried to use them to take revenge on a record producer who had plagiarized his music and gave it to an uprising rapper named Ice-Pack as a hit single. While Static was able to stop Rubberband Man, Adam saw Static as more of a nuisance than an actual opponent.[2]

Shortly afterward, Adam escaped from prison and tried to follow up with his music career under the alias "Stringer", and even dated Virgil's sister, Sharon for a while. Then Virgil inadvertently blew his cover. Adam turned himself in after stopping bounty hunters Puff and Onyx, in order to finish doing his time and pay his debt to society.[1]

Later on, when Adam was released for good behavior, Rubberband Man became a superhero like Static, somewhat putting Static in his shadow for a bit. This caught Ebon's eye too, and he tried to have his brother join his gang, first by having Adam save him from Static, then by framing Adam for breaking his partners in crime—Talon, Shiv, Aquamaria and Carmen Dillo—out of prison. Hunted by the police, Rubberband Man had no choice but to join Ebon. However, Static quickly found out about Ebon's plan and helped Adam clear his name, with the two heroes ultimately becoming allies.[3]

Adam secretly struggled with dyslexia, which he worked hard to overcome in the process of helping Static and Gear solve a particularly difficult case.[4]

Whether or not Adam retained his powers after the Bang Baby "cure" was distributed throughout Dakota was never revealed.[5]

Powers and abilities

Rubberband Man was made of rubber, and could change his body in any shape, much like Elongated Man and Plastic Man. This also makes him a particularly tough opponent for Static, as Rubberband Man is mostly immune to Static's electrical powers. In "They're Playing My Song", Rubberband Man demonstrated an absolute level of shapeshifting by taking on the form of a woman, having even changed his colors accordingly.

Background information

Adam Evans is an original creation for Static Shock. The name "Rubberband Man", however, was used by a one-issue villain named Karmon Stringer. The character was named after the The Spinners song of the same name.[6]

Appearances and references

Static Shock


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