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"Ah, I can see the yearbook now. Royce Axelrod, most likely to be sent upstate."
Richie Foley

Royce Axelrod was a student at Dakota Union High known for engaging in petty theft.


One day on their way to school, Royce and his friend, Frankie were running around. While on a train, they stole a briefcase from an Alva Industries agent. When they opened the case, Royce inhaled some of the Quantum Vapor that was inside.

The next day, Royce had grown. During a math test, the Quantum Vapor kicked in; he mutated into a purple monster. He wrecked the school, but was ultimately defeated by the conjoined efforts of Static and officers Jessup and Garcia.

Powers and abilities

Once mutated by the gas, Royce gained superhuman strength and then became a big purple monster.


Static Shock