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"The Justice League found themselves cleaning up one of my old messes. The second group of villains to call themselves the Royal Flush Gang. Or the third—who can keep it all straight?"
Amanda Waller[1]

There have been several incarnations of the Royal Flush Gang. Each gang always consisting of a King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Ace.

Aristocratic crime gangs[]

Royal Flush Gang Insignia

The Royal Flush Gang's insignia.

Originally, the Royal Flush Gang was a series of aristocratic crime families, who kept the dynasty going by bringing in new members (i.e. sons, daughters, husbands, wives) when the old ones retire or go to jail. At one point, a King was in charge of several members (the two being his daughter and a Jack) to which Batman broke up the group.[2][3]

Joker's Royal Flush Gang[]

Joker's Royal Flush Gang

The Joker's Royal Flush Gang.

The members of the first Royal Flush Gang were subjects of metahuman research. The Joker freed them from a government facility and formed the group. Dressed up as playing cards, the Royal Flush Gang did Joker's bidding of fighting the Justice League.


  • Ace: Vast mind-bending powers which enable her to drive anyone insane with just a single look.
  • Jack: Empowered with superhuman elasticity.
  • King: Shoots super-hot plasma bolts, usually focused through his cane.
  • Queen: Able to telekinetically control and reshape any kind of metal to her own will.
  • Ten: Has superhuman strength and durability.

Ace's Royal Flush Gang[]

After her powers had evolved to telekinetically warping reality, Ace recruited a new Royal Flush Gang armed with powers she gave them. However, her new gang did not "play" with her and faced the Justice League on their own before being defeated. Shortly after, Ace passed on and took the effects of her powers with her. As such, the rest of the gang reverted to their natural forms.[1]


Walker Family's Royal Flush Gang[]

Walker Family

The Walker Family's Royal Flush Gang

The family of crooks known as the Royal Flush Gang preyed on Gotham City during the new Batman's tenure. The gang utilizes weapons shaped like playing cards and flies across the city on card-shaped boards. While they do not have any superhuman powers, the members possess high-tech weaponry: King is a master swordsman, Queen wields a scepter-like weapon, Jack is a master with knives, Ace is an android, and Ten is the computer hacker.


Background information[]

According to Alan Burnett, they had toyed with the idea of using the Royal Flush Gang in Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, but couldn't find a way to bring them in until Batman Beyond.[4]



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