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Professional stuntwoman Roxanne Sutton became the thrill-seeking criminal Roxy Rocket.


At the height of her career, Roxanne Sutton regularly doubled for several famous action heroines, executing a series of spectacular stunts. Athletic, adventuresome, and completely fearless, Roxanne's growing addiction to danger became the undoing of her professional career. She insisted on doing ever-more dangerous stunts, until she became so reckless that no insurance company would cover her.

Unable to continue working in films, she turned to crime to satisfy her needs, both financial and personal by indulging in fast paced exploits. Donning a leather costume, using movie dialogue and mounting a custom rocket-propelled vehicle, she adopted the name "Roxy Rocket" and committed a series of daring heists in Gotham City. Often, Rocket would deliberately commit her thefts in plain sight, relying on her guile and the speed of her rocket ship to let her make her escape.

Roxy first met Batman when she raided a Wayne Enterprises press conference announcing the company had acquired a one-of-a-kind painting. In the adventure following, Batman challenged Roxy and beat her after an unsuccessful attempt to seduce him. She also did business with the Penguin, using him as a fence. She was eventually caught by Batman.

Later, when Batman went missing, Roxy found Gotham overcrowded with crooks. She was hoping for success in Metropolis, but was easily apprehended by Superman. He returned her to jail, although not before informing him of the situation in Gotham.

Background information

Roxy Rocket was created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for the first Annual of The Batman Adventures, the tie-in comic of Batman: The Animated Series, in 1994. They liked the character so much that they wrote her into the series. In the Annual, Roxy was caught by Batman and he had high hopes for her reform. When Catwoman impersonated her, she had to run from the cops. At the end of the story, she tries to help Batman capture Catwoman, but fails. Regardless, her name has been cleared and Batman promises not to chase her if she keeps on the straight path, which results in Roxy seemingly developing a romantic fascination for him.


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