DC Animated Universe

Roland De Fleures was an arms dealer.


De Fleures sold armaments on an international level. He sold to gangs, rebels and governments—anyone with the right money. His dealings earned him the nickname "The Merchant of Death". Unable to properly try him, the NSA sent an infiltration unit, IU7, onto him instead.

Zeta infiltrated Casa Primera to warn De Fleures, but the arms dealer was not easily convinced. Not until Zeta revealed his true self, and IU7 broke into the premises, did De Fleures realize something was up. Zeta offered to lure IU7 away by doubling as De Fleures.

The plan worked, and IU7 was temporarily subdued. Impressed, De Fleures wanted to buy Zeta—which he refused. Zeta instead asked De Fleures to turn State's evidence to prevent further assassination attempts. This time, De Fleures refused, assuring the synthoid that assassination attempts were a part of his life. IU7 wasn't the first.

But IU7 wasn't out yet. Accidentally reactivated by Bucky, IU7 reacquired his target. De Fleures made a run for it, towards his yacht in the docks. IU7 destroyed it, and cornered De Fleures. In the ensuing fight, his weapons stockpile was destroyed, as was, seemingly, IU7.

De Fleures was now in bigger trouble—the weapons that were blown up were already paid for. His clients would kill him. Out of options, he turned himself in.


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