"The name's Krick. You, my friend, are one very wanted synthoid, and I'm taking you in."

Rodin Krick was a ruthless bounty hunter who was active in the 21st century. In particular, he sought to track down Zeta and claim the reward for his capture.


After stalking Zeta and Ro for about two months, Krick finally made his move to capture Zeta at an abandoned Koala Candy factory. Coincidentally, NSA Agents West and Lee had also managed to catch up with Zeta, following up on a story from a local town. The confrontation was complicated by an electrified field set up by Krick, which ultimately led to Zeta and Lee being trapped inside the factory with Krick while West and Ro were locked out. Krick, never one to pass up an opportunity, managed to take Agent Lee hostage. While they were together, he told her outright that the NSA was wrong about Zeta—he had been studying the synthoid, and he would try to save her.

To Lee's surprise, Krick turned out to be right. To Krick's surprise, Zeta was successful in saving both Lee and himself. Using Krick's greed to his advantage, Zeta faked his own destruction under a pile of debris (the full bounty required Zeta to be in one piece), distracting him long enough to take Lee's place in a taffy-pulling machine, allowing Zeta to catch him by surprise and subdue him. Krick was arrested for his crimes, and as an unexpected consequence of his plot, he turned out to be instrumental in helping Agent Lee realize Zeta's innocence.

Later, Krick escaped from prison and this time, he was intending to destroy Zeta. He chased Zeta and Ro, with no intention of giving up. After losing them to a passing train, he catches up to it and deduces that Zeta spontaneously shut down. He gets directions to a nearby closed carnival. Noticing an extra hover bike nearby, he also guessed that Ro called a friend. He yells his mouth off, demanding that thy give Zeta to him or he starts looking for them. Luckily, Zeta reactivates just in time and fight against Krick. He defeats him by throwing him in the water, where he is later apprehended.


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