DC Animated Universe

"Robert Vance is my name."
"The computer guy? But you're--"
"Dead? Rebooted is more like it.
— Vance and Batman

Robert Vance was a pioneer in digital technology and founder of a renowned software company.


Robert Vance alive

Robert Vance during his final years.

At a young age, Robert Vance created his software company. In his advanced age, Vance suffered from an incurable brain disorder that prompted him to digitize his brain impulses incorporated into a computer program. The program would allegedly serve as a guide to his company. However, Vance had a hidden agenda. After his company's investors shut him down, preferring to run his company without him, Vance lay dormant for over 30 years, biding his time.

Thirty-five years later, his grandson Bobby sought the program to assist him with running the company he had just inherited after Vance's son passed away. Vance convinced Bobby to put him online, claiming he wanted to do some exploring. The rogue program roamed free and quickly gathered information from various sources, so that he could execute his plan: to transfer his consciousness into a living body.

When Batman attempted to cut his power supply off by shutting down Gotham Power, Vance blasted him and downloaded his program into the Batsuit. He took over the suit and when Batman attempted to fight back, Vance tried to drown him. However, he failed thanks to Bruce Wayne pushing the Batsuit's kill switch. Inside the Batcave, Vance resurfaced and made his way back to his laboratory, after destroying the kill switch. Vance then abducted Bobby and prepped him for the mind transfer.

Dominating the suit, Vance was nearly invincible and unstoppable. His only vulnerability was magnetism, which deterred him momentarily. Batman noticed and exploited this weakness. In the mêlée that ensued, Batman pierced the suit with a steel bar and plugged it to a magnetic contraption, thus effectively deleting Vance's program from the suit. In his last moments, Vance began reverting to his younger years, his voice regressing to that of a child calling for his mother. Every remnant of Vance's self was purged and lost forever.


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