Robert Hawkins was the father of Virgil Hawkins, Dakota's superhero Static.


As a kid, Robert was a big admirer of the superhero Soul Power and bought the hero's comic book. He greatly regretted the day his mother made him throw them away.[3]

He became a successful football player during his college years. His speed gained him the nickname Streak, but unlike his teammate Rashid Randall, Robert never made a future as a sportsman.[2] Robert may have served an unspecified time in the Marine as he keeps in touch with colleague from the services.[1] He married Jean, a paramedic, and became a social worker. He became the manager of the Freeman Community Center. He also worked as a counselor at basketball camps, at one of which he met a young Shaquille O'Neal.[1]

He led a happy life with Jean, and the couple got two children: Sharon and Virgil. The family was torn apart when, during the Dakota riots, she was hit by a stray bullet. Robert managed to see her one last time before she died.[4] This only encouraged him to do more for the community. His dislike of gangs also grew, and he tried to get as many kids to stay away from them.[5]

He was a socially active man. After the Big Bang, he was very concerned about its effects on the rival gangs of the city, and demanded action from the mayor.[6] It wasn't the last time he found the city council unwilling to cooperate. At Christmas, he and Reverend Anderson organized a shelter for the homeless of Dakota.[7]

It took time, but Robert began to see the potential of Static as a young superhero who could serve as a symbol of hope. It also helped that his daughter had a relationship with superhero Rubberband Man.[8] He did not figure out that his son was Static until he was kidnapped by Omnara. She had found out Virgil's secret, and planned to use Robert as a bargaining chip. Though he was saved, he had figured out exactly why he was targeted: because his son was Static. Though Virgil feared it at first, Robert quickly got around to use it whenever Sharon caused trouble.[9]

Background information

In Milestone Comics, Bob Hawkins wasn't that big of a character. He is at work most of the time; almost all of Static's home life is filled by his mother and sister. Robert's cartoon appearance, profession and nature are completely different from his comics counterpart.


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