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Robert Foxworth (born November 1, 1941 in Houston, Texas) is an American actor.

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It would be difficult to categorize or condense the many roles Foxworth has played in his long career. His longest-running role is probably that of Chase Gioberti for six years on Falcon Crest (where his on-screen wife was played by Susan Sullivan, and which also featured Chao-Li Chi). He also played turncoat roles similar to Hamilton in films during the '70s such as Airport '77 and Damien: Omen II (which also featured Meshach Taylor and Lance Henriksen). He also appeared in the John Frankenheimer environmental horror film Prophecy (acting alongside Richard Dysart).

Interestingly, Joanna Cassidy has played the wife of Foxworth's character in two separate television series, several decades apart: Falcon Crest in 1982, and Six Feet Under in 2005.

Foxworth lived with Elizabeth Montgomery for over twenty years, though they were not formally married until 1993, approximately two years before her death (which, sadly, occurred shortly after she completed her voice work for Batman: The Animated Series, "Showdown").

Other voice-over roles include the Autobot medical officer Ratchet in the live-action Transformers films.

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