DC Animated Universe

Richard "Richie" Armacost was a top executive at Agrichem.


Armacost was arrested for insider trading. In jail, he met Charlie Bigelow, who helped him plan a break in at Wayne-Powers. After getting out, Armacost returned to his old job at Agrichem. His company was eager to get their hands on Wayne-Powers' Cerestone and Armacost hired Karros and Charlie to do it.

When two attempts to steal it failed, Armacost refused to pay Karros. Batman revealed himself and that he had taped their conversation. Armacost knew it was inadmissible as evidence in trial, but Batman said that it would at least put him back in prison for a while. At that moment, Charlie showed up, doused in Cerestone in the second heist and had subsequently mutated into a big gray monster. Charlie blamed his friend Richie for everything and threatened to throw him out of his top floor office. Both Batman and Karros took on Charlie, while Armacost held on for dear life on the balcony's railing. It's possible he was later rescued from falling & returned to prison afterwards.


Batman Beyond