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"Guy like that, I'm not so sure a bullet would stop him."
"Hey, I'm not so sure a tank would stop him.
— Two Gotham City Police officers[1]

Charles Daly, alias Rhino was one of the Ventriloquist's henchmen.


Named for his hulking size and a tattoo on his right arm, Rhino joined the Ventriloquist's gang. When his sleeve was partially ripped in a robbery, Batman was able to identify him by the tattoo and confronted him. Rhino didn't tell him anything, but afterwards rushed to Scarface, revealing the villain's identity to Batman. When Arnold Wesker was told to summon Scarface, Wesker was unsure if Scarface wished to be "disturbed". A voice could then be heard with a sarcastic tone "Oh, Rhino has a problem. Stop everything!" of which Scarface then "appeared".

Rhino worked for the Ventriloquist on a number of occasions, first when Scarface planned a series of heists with clockwork precision, and later when the boss enlisted Catwoman to help steal Veronica Vreeland's rare stuffed animals. On both these occasions, Rhino's raw power was unable to beat Batman's finesse.

Recently, when the Ventriloquist was released from Arkham Asylum with a clean bill of health, Mugsy and Rhino waited for Scarface to emerge. When it turned out that he wouldn't, however, they hired Hips McManus to impersonate Scarface and resurrect the gang. However, the real Scarface was upset with them because he was only playing dead until the heat was off, but their antics forced him to come out too early and he attempted to kill them. Batman and Batgirl saved them and sent them to Stonegate Penitentiary.


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