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Reverse Fusion Bomb

Reverse Fusion Bomb

The Reverse Fusion Bomb was a weapon developed by Mr. Freeze.


As a result of Nora Fries marrying her doctor, Freeze set out on ruining other people lives. He destroyed a dinosaur skeleton that was a long project by Margaret Madsen and then the painting, Twilight in Gotham by Guiseppe Bianci. Later, Freeze showed up at Wayne Manor with his henchgirls and froze Alfred. Though Batgirl managed to put a tracer on the getaway van in the process. After tending to Alfred, Batman & Batgirl tracked Freeze at his hideout.

Batman freed the kidnapped doctors but before they could say anything, the henchgirls caught them where they met Freeze's head. Freeze explained how he couldn't go back to Nora due to his deterioration which only left his head intact but informed Batman that Gotham City was doomed also. Freeze pointed to the reverse fusion bomb under a nearby plane. His plan was to fly over Gotham and drop the bomb which would create a winter wasteland with all life frozen dead.

As Freeze was flying away in his plane, the henchgirls were subdued and Batman used the Batline to grapple up to the plane. Once aboard, Batman tried to surprise Freeze but he was able to turn his head around and knocked Batman down. As they fought, Freeze's strength was too much and Batman was left bloodied after being hurled into the windshield.To gain some space, Batman kicked the steering wheel and drove the plane away from the city. Freeze grabbed Batman and was preparing to throw him through the windshield but Batman used the Batline to tie him to the reverse fusion bomb. Freeze tried to get out but Batman pressed the release button which dropped the bomb with Freeze attached into the water. The bomb exploded triggering a strong arctic blast which created a giant iceberg. Batman radioed to Batgirl that they thought they've seen the last of Mr. Freeze. However, Freeze's head was not in the iceberg with his suit.[1]


The New Batman Adventures


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