The Zeta Project episode
"Resume Mission"
Airdate: April 13, 2002
Production Number: 19
Airdate Order: 16
Animation Services by: DR Digital Co., LTD
Written by: Ralph Soll
Liz Holzman
Teleplay by: Ralph Soll
Directed by: Rob Davies
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"Resume Mission" is the third episode of the second season of The Zeta Project.


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Background information


Actor Role
Diedrich Bader Zeta / Zee
IU7 (uncredited)
Lieutenant (uncredited)
Julie Nathanson Rosalie "Ro" Rowan
Lauren Tom Agent Lee
Delivery clerk (uncredited)
S. Scott Bullock Captain
Dave Coulier Delivery Bot
Brandon Jaxson Jason "Jace" Foley
Alexander Polinsky Teenage boy
Kevin Michael Richardson Jason's Dad
Cop (uncredited)
Andrea Romano Woman (uncredited)

Uncredited appearances


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