DC Animated Universe

After the Big Bang, Marvin Roper gained shapeshifting powers and became Replikon. He was intent on ruining Rubberband Man's career and reputation.


Marvin worked at Stonegas Records, a record store, as a stock clerk with Adam Evans. He tried to produce music together with Evans, but his music wasn't on the same level as Evans. Evans moved on, and was about to sign a record deal with Lester Biggs.

But just as Adam had been affected by the Big Bang, so had Marvin. Marvin had become a shapeshifter, and called himself Replikon. He tried to sabotage Adam's record deal by posing as A.J. McLean and "introducing" Roper, and he almost succeeded. At first, Biggs was hesitant, concurring with all other parties involved that Roper's music was bad. "A.J." pushed on, but his cover was blown by the joint efforts of Static and A.J.

Powers and abilities[]

Roper was a shapeshifter, able to take on the form of anything he has seen. He also gained the powers, abilities and properties of the person or thing he has changed into. He could also mimic voices, even if he has never heard them speak before.

Whenever he impersonated someone, he became a mirror image of the original, which would cause any distinguishing marks to appear on the wrong side of his own form. He was eventually exposed as impersonating A.J. because his tattoos were on the wrong side.


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