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Red Tornado was a member of the expanded Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.


Red Tornado was one of the many heroes to join the Justice League when it revamped its roster.[1] He participated in the search for Wonder Woman when Circe transformed her into a pig,[2] and later on he served as the second line of defense against Amazo's pursuit of Lex Luthor, along with Supergirl, Rocket Red and Fire. During the engagement with Amazo, Red Tornado was destroyed;[3] however, he was back on duty by the time of the Dark Heart incident.[4] Whether this was a new android or if the original was somehow reconstituted is unknown.

Red Tornado was also one of the few heroes on the Watchtower present when Lex Luthor took over the body of the Flash and confronted him many times during the incident.[5]

Powers and abilities[]

Red Tornado had the ability to create and control vortices of air. He could harness this ability to achieve flight, create concussive force, cushions of air, and to attract or repel objects or people. Being an android, Red Tornado also possessed greater-than-human strength and stamina. Red Tornado's ability to control air was quite powerful, since he was able to overpower three clones of the aerokinetic Wind Dragon at once, with no visible difficulty.[6]

Background information[]

Red Tornado was created by Gardner Fox and Dick Dillin, featured for the first time in Justice League of America #64 (August 1968). Originally an android created by the villainous T.O. Morrow to infiltrate and destroy the Justice Society of America, it ended up being hosted by Tornado Champion, a benevolent wind entity from the planet Rann of Earth-1. The fusion of these two beings resulted in the sentient life form known as Red Tornado.


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