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"Rebirth" is the two-part premiere of Batman Beyond. It depicts Batman's retirement when Bruce Wayne steps down, and later rebirth as Terry McGinnis years afterward. After Bruce becomes aware of his declining health and lays down his mantle, Gotham City is without its protector for twenty years until Terry discovers the secret then takes the Batsuit to avenge his father's murder, which revives Batman in Gotham City.



One Last Night

Batman's final night.

In an airplane hangar just outside of Gotham City, a group of kidnappers watch a news report about a failed attempt by Derek Powers to take over Wayne Enterprises due to Bruce Wayne's resistance. The news also states that the kidnappers have failed to release their hostage Bunny Vreeland in spite of being paid five million dollars in ransom. As it turns out, they plan to execute Bunny and make a getaway with the money. Fortunately for her, Batman arrives, wearing a new suit with a full mask that lacks a cape but features retractable wings and jet boots along with increased strength, flexibility, propulsion, agility and other abilities.

Batman manages to subdue most of the kidnappers with limited effort, although he does get a brief crippling chest pain afterwards. However, just as he is about to untie Bunny, the thug leader ends up ambushing him with a wrench (with Bunny attempting to warn Batman of the oncoming attack by gasping). As the Caped Crusader is engaging the last thug, he suddenly suffers a mild heart attack that weakens him enough to bring him to the floor. The last kidnapper, wielding an oversized wrench, unleashes a savage attack. As he continues his vicious battering, he smugly comments how Batman had been getting in the way of people like him since he was a kid. Unable to defend himself and in serious danger, Batman snatches up a weapon dropped by one of the other kidnappers in desperation... a handgun. Shocked to see Batman with a lethal weapon for once and fearing for his life, his attacker runs out of the hangar before being intercepted by the arriving police.

Bruce with gun

Bruce shocked to find himself with a gun.

Injured, Batman limps outside the hangar. He removes his mask and reveals a gray-haired, older appearance. Upon realizing he was wielding a handgun, something he had sworn he would never do, Bruce is enveloped in absolute horror and revulsion, as it was that very class of weapon that violently ended the lives of his parents, and what drove him to become Batman. He then drops the gun and walks away in shame.

Bruce hangs suit

Bruce hangs up the Batsuit for good.

Back at the Batcave, Bruce puts the Batsuit in the costume display gallery alongside the costumes of his former crimefighting partners and his original Batsuit that he used to wear as Batman. Reluctantly realizing that he has grown too old for crimefighting, he takes one last look at the Batcave from the top of the stairs and solemnly vows...

"Never again."

He then shuts off the lights, and leaves his past in the darkness.

Part I[]

Same Gotham

Crime still big in Gotham City.

Twenty years pass and Gotham City has changed much in this time, according to a current newscast. Derek Powers has managed to take control of Wayne-Powers, and has been increasing his power and wealth by gobbling up smaller businesses.

A teenager dressed as a clown climbs onto a public elevator and starts making trouble. Just then, Terry McGinnis deals with the clown and grumbles "Jokerz". At school, he gets into a fight with Nelson Nash during a wrestling exercise, which gets him into trouble with his coach.

Back at Terry's house, his father Warren McGinnis gets a desperate message from his co-worker Harry Tully. He meets with his co-worker who has several dark patches on his skin. Tully gives Warren a disk and is dragged off by Mr. Fixx, a large man who works for Powers.

Powers summons Warren to "clear up" any misunderstanding. He explains that Tully simply had an accident, but he's going to be fine. Powers also asks if Warren has anything Tully gave to him, which Warren denies.

Upon returning home, Warren reviews the data on the disk and becomes distressed and shocked at the information on the disk. Terry tells him that he's leaving, but Warren forbids it as Terry is grounded, despite the fact that he didn't start the fight. After a brief argument, Terry leaves in anger. As he leaves, Powers's hitman Fixx watches and grins, seeing that Warren is now alone.

Old Bruce Fights

Bruce can still fight.

Terry heads out to a nightclub and meets up with his girlfriend Dana Tan. While he talks to her, Nelson arrives. But before any trouble can start, a whole gang of clowns known as the Jokerz arrive and start wreaking havoc. One of the Jokerz goes on top of Nelson's car. J-Man briefly grabs Dana on his motorcycle before getting a punch from Terry. Terry starts fighting them but when reinforcements arrive, Terry is forced to flee on one of their motorcycles.

Terry finds cave

Terry discovers the Batcave.

The gang chases Terry down a seldom-used road and Terry swerves to avoid hitting an old man, which causes him to fall. The Jokerz catch up with him. Just then, the old man reveals himself as Bruce Wayne, and demands that the Jokerz leave, but they attack instead. Together, he and Terry manage to fight off the gang, but Bruce suffers from his weak heart. Terry takes him inside Wayne Manor and gives him his medicine but the old man falls asleep and his dog Ace prevents Terry from leaving, so Terry decides to call his father so he can pick him up, though afraid he'll be "grounded for life" Terry notices a bat trapped in Bruce's clock and frees it. However, as he does so, he discovers the secret passage that leads into the Batcave. Upon seeing the costumes, Terry realizes he's actually in the home of Batman & how he was able to fend the Jokerz off so easily. But an angry Bruce attacks him from behind & throws him out.

Upon returning home, Terry finds his house in shambles and the words "ha, ha, ha" written in graffiti all over the house. The police are there as is his mother. Terry asks what happened and where's his father. They inform Terry that Warren has been killed, and the Jokerz are apparently responsible.

After the funeral, a grief-stricken Terry moves into his mother's house and tearfully expresses his regret for not being there to help his father, especially since he was grounded in the first place & regretting that he stopped listening to him, along with the terrible things he said towards him. However, Terry discovers the disk among his stuff, and after reviewing the data, he begins to suspect that the Jokerz were not responsible, and runs off, but Powers' people are watching and see that they have found the disc they're looking for. Terry goes to Wayne Manor after Dana drops him off there and begs for Bruce’s help with what's happening over the gate intercom. Bruce pretends to ignore him, but eventually lets Terry in after a frustrated Terry mocks him in being a loser.

Part II[]


Terry talks to Bruce about the new Batsuit.

Bruce reviews the data on the disk and discovers that Powers is using Wayne-Powers to make a lethal mutagenic nerve gas that can completely destroy healthy cells. As he fumes over this information, Terry assesses the final Batsuit. Bruce tells him to not touch the suit and leave the suit alone and tells him to take the disk to Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Terry knows the cops wouldn't do anything about it due to their ties with Powers and hoped Bruce would do something about it but he refuses, saying that Batman is no more, and Terry leaves angrily & disappointed in Bruce, guessing that something bad happened to him before he hung up his cowl.

As Terry walks away distraught, Derek Powers and his henchman Mr. Fixx nearly run him down with their limo and demand the disk back. Terry tells Powers that his dad told him to never take rides from strangers, but Powers tells Terry that his dad is gone and tells him that he just wants the disk. Terry initially gives it to Powers, but Terry drops the disk and manages to escape with his life, knowing now that Powers will be looking for him.

Later that day, Kaznian Minister of Commerce Vilmos Egans arrives in Gotham and is greeted by Powers. At Wayne Manor, Bruce is watching this on TV, when he hears Ace barking and finds that he's been tied up. Bruce releases Ace, then follows him to the Batcave, revealing that the power suit has been stolen. Bruce furiously guesses who would do that.

Terry, in the suit, clumsily flies towards the Wayne-Powers tower and eavesdrops on a conversation between Powers and Egans. As evidence of the gas's lethality, Powers shows Egans footage of the gas being tested on plants, then on a calf, and then photographs of Tully after his accident. Egans is impressed, and Powers assures him that the gas will be shipped out that very night; his assistant Mr. Fixx will personally see to it. After Egans leaves, however, Powers is concerned that Terry is still alive. Fixx tells him not to worry, revealing that he is the one who killed Warren.

Security guards discover Terry and attack. The guards also proceed to call Derek and inform him of Batman's arrival, or at the very least the arrival of someone wearing a similar outfit, causing Derek, who was already on his way to the docks, to express some concern to Fixx. With the power of the suit, Terry is able to evade them with ease as he receives a call from Bruce, who demands the suit to be returned now, but Terry refuses since Bruce chose to give up. Angered, Bruce activates a kill switch on the suit, paralyzing Terry. The guards now find that he can no longer fight back and pummel him. One of them then aims a gun. Bruce shows mercy on Terry and reactivates the suit. With his power back, Terry manages to fight off and evade the guards again.

Bruce tells Terry of an escape route he had built into the building, allowing him to evade the guards. He still demands the return of his suit and let the police handle it, while Terry wants to go to the transport pad to stop the shipment himself, knowing that the police would screw up. Bruce threatens to shut off the suit again, this time, permanently. But Terry pleads, reminding Bruce of his parents' death and saying that this is his one chance to catch his father's killer & to make things right. Bruce gives in realizing he isn't alone sharing the same trauma he suffered as a child, and due to the fact that he never found his parents’ killer.


Derek Powers infected by his own nerve gas.

Terry makes his way to the hover docks and discovers Powers and Fixx supervising the loading of the gas. He is attacked by more security guards. On Powers' orders, Fixx gets into the hovercraft and takes off, while Powers stays behind to deal with Terry. Terry throws a Batarang, which Powers shoots out of the air with ease. Terry then throws a gas canister, which Powers shoots without thinking, accidentally exposing himself to the gas. Terry flies after the hovercraft.


Mr. Fixx destroys the hovercraft controls.

Boarding the hovercraft, Terry confronts the pilot, only to find that the vehicle is on autopilot, and is ambushed by Fixx, armed with electrified knuckle dusters. Terry, now officially declaring himself "Batman", manages to fight him off and knocks him into the ship's controls. The hovercraft falls into the ocean, burying its cargo and Fixx together.

That morning, Terry's mother wakes him and tells him that Bruce is there to see him. Bruce tells Mary that Terry saved his life and defended him from the Jokerz and he tried to reward him, but Terry refused. Bruce offers Terry a job as a "part-time assistant", which Terry accepts, knowing that the offer is really to become the new Dark Knight after Bruce.

Translucent Powers

Derek Powers as a glowing green skeleton.

Back at Wayne-Powers, Powers is exposed to intense radiation to eliminate the gas. The radiation succeeded in saving his life. However, the radiation therapy, combined with the gas's mutagenic properties, radically altered Powers' body. He is now emitting radiation so powerful that his skin is now translucent, and he appears as a glowing green skeleton. Seeing himself in the mirror, Powers begins laughing maniacally.


Background information[]

Home video releases[]

Production notes[]

  • In the commentary, Bruce Timm stated he voiced the Jokerz Leader because the actor originally cast for the part (Rino Romano, according to his online resume)[1] just didn't have it, and Timm showed him how he imagined the character. Romano is still credited in the episode as "Kidnapper," a bit part.
  • When discussing the newscasters introduced in this episode and seen all throughout both this show and The Zeta Project, Paul Dini has noted "those were supposedly created in a computer to appeal to all different sorts of people and look happy to everybody. They are of no defined backgrounds except human. They could be talky, smiley heads, except they are a little more human stylized. They are designed to be - in the world of the show - completely computer-generated people."[2]
  • Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami were initially against the idea of the Jokerz gang. "[We] were actually against the idea because of how much we were trying not to do things like that, but at the same time we realized that it made sense. Again, it's a science fiction extrapolation of kids who wear Charles Manson T-shirts. Kids in our present day will do that, they'll think 'Charles Manson was a psycho-killer, so he's cool.' In Batman's futuristic world, it's the same sort of thing."[3]

Production inconsistencies[]

Rebirth difference blu-ray

The red flickering effect visualizing Bruce's heart attack (left side), absent from the Blu-ray remaster (right side).

  • In the opening scene, when Bruce Wayne is having a heart attack while trying to fend off the last thug, there's a red flickering effect meant to visualize Bruce's heart attack. The remastered version of this episode on Blu-ray omits this effect.
  • Harry Tully gives Warren McGinnis a mini disc containing incriminating evidence. But in the end of Part I, the disc is a full size one. Yet in Part II, the disc changes back to its original size.


Rejected Bruce Wayne for Batman Beyond

An early design for Batman Beyond by Bruce Timm showcases an even older Bruce Wayne, resembling how he would appear in Justice League Unlimited's "Epilogue."

  • Part I was nominated for an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television Production.[1]
  • Bruce's vow "Never again" comes from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.
  • In early design art, Bruce Wayne was originally designed to look more older than he appeared on the show.
  • Robin and Batgirl's costumes are seen in the Batcave on the night that Bruce quits, which also hint that Tim Drake retired (which would later be revealed in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker) and Barbara Gordon retired prior to taking over her father's place before Bruce. Also, Nightwing's costume can be seen in the Batcave on the night that Bruce quits, though it's unknown if Dick Grayson retired before Bruce, or if the costume is a copy, as Dick had left the Bat-family and moved to Blüdhaven years before Bruce's retirement.
  • The Club 54 Level that Terry McGinnis and Dana Tan are waiting in line for is possibly an allusion to Studio 54, Manhattan's famous 1970s nightclub.
  • The Jokerz motorcycle chase with Terry is reminiscent of that featured in the anime film AKIRA, a chase which ended when the character Tetsuo Shima nearly crashed into the wrinkled-up Takashi.
  • Smirk's threat ("Let's put a smile on his face") to Terry is later said by the Joker in the 2008 film The Dark Knight.
  • Ace's barks and growls are that of an actual dog unlike in subsequent appearances.
  • Terry's comment ("Back off, Scooby, it's me.") to Ace at the end of Part I is an obvious reference to iconic cartoon character Scooby-Doo. Frank Welker (Ace's voice actor in all subsequent appearances) took over the role of Scooby-Doo following Don Messick's death.
  • As the hovercraft sinks, the front window can be seen shattering. Whether this was to leave an opening for Mr. Fixx to return if the writers decided to bring him back or not is unknown.
  • Marc Worden, who voices Scab in this episode originally auditioned for Terry McGinnis.
  • Derek Powers' security guards' uniforms are similar to the Kryptonian soldiers' battlesuits in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Blasts From the Past".
  • Batman (Terry McGinnis) indirectly turning Derek Powers into Blight with a chemical accident mirrors how Batman (Bruce Wayne) caused the Joker's origin of being turned into his disfigured self by falling into a vat of chemicals. Also, Blight's laughter when after seeing his new appearance resembles Joker's reaction in Batman: The Killing Joke to seeing himself for the first time. Lastly, the disfigurement in both cases leads to a villain mirroring Batman (black and white and light and dark), and both archenemies turning each other into their respective alter-egos mirrored Batman and Joker in the 1989 film Batman.


Actor Role
Will Friedle Terry McGinnis / Batman
Weasel (uncredited)
Kevin Conroy Bruce Wayne / Batman
Lauren Tom Dana Tan
Kim (uncredited)
Dottie (uncredited)
Sherman Howard Derek Powers
Ryan O'Donohue Matt McGinnis
Michael Gross Warren McGinnis
Teri Garr Mary McGinnis
Seth Green Nelson Nash
Bruce Timm Jokerz Leader
George Takei Mr. Fixx
Rino Romano Kidnapper
Yvette Lowenthal Chelsea Cunningham
Sam McMurray Harry Tully
Jack Roth Virtual Newsman
CCH Pounder Anchor Woman
Clyde Kusatsu Coach
Marc Worden Joker on Monorail
Corey Burton Vilmos Egans
John Rubano Reporter
Phil Hayes Guard

Uncredited appearances[]


Part 1[]

Bruce Wayne: Never again.

Warren McGinnis: That's your problem right there! You can't control your temper, and you'd better if you expect to get anywhere in life!
Terry: (Dryly) Yeah. I'll be a big success, just like you.

J-Man: Aw, the no fun boy had an accident.
Smirk: Let's put a smile on his face.

Terry: (pushes intercom button) Come on, I know you're in there! (no answer) Listen to me! Something stinks in your company! I think it cost my old man his life! (pulls out disk) The answer's on this! I'd take it to the cops but you know how cozy they are with Powers! How about you taking a look? (still no answer) Yeah, I should've known you wouldn't care. You're no Batman, ya whacked out old fraud!

Part 2[]

Bruce: Stay away from that.
Terry: (admiring the Batsuit) Synaptic controls, neuromuscular amplification, flight capability. Hmph. This thing might be old, but it's still cutting-edge. Bet it amplifies your strength by at least ten to one.
Bruce: I told you not to touch it.

Terry: You have to do something! You're Batman!
Bruce: I was Batman.

Terry: Something happened to you, didn't it? And wasn't just that you got old.

Mr. Fixx: You're pretty strong, for some clown who thinks he's Batman.
Terry: I am Batman!

Bruce: I should warn you, I can be a difficult taskmaster. I accept nothing short of excellence in all who work for me.
Terry: I think I can handle it.
Bruce: Very good then, Mr. McGinnis. Welcome to my world.


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