Raymond Bell was a henchman who worked for Roland Daggett. He wore headphones that were tuned in to police bands at all times.


Bell was sent by Daggett to murder Lucius Fox as part of his plan to take over Wayne Enterprises, but the hit was botched thanks to the interference of Batman. Bell was later ordered to dispose of Matt Hagen after Daggett decided the actor had outlived his usefulness. He and Germs did so by force-feeding Hagen a massive amount of Renuyu, which ultimately led to the creation of Clayface.

Later, Bell was tricked by Batman into attempting to flee Gotham when he hijacked the police radio and claimed that a warrant had been issued for Bell's arrest. Batman caught up with Bell and interrogated him about the botched hit on Fox by dangling him by his wrist over the bay in the Batwing. Unfortunately, Bell passed out before he could reveal Daggett's involvement and Batman turned him over to the police. It was later mentioned that Bell would not tell the police anything, which led to Daggett being unjustly exonerated. As Batman and the police had no solid evidence against Bell, it is unknown if he was ultimately imprisoned.


Batman: The Animated Series

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