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"It's over, Ray."
"It's been over before! I
changed that!"
John Stewart
— Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson was the mascot of the Justice Guild of America. In reality, he was a being possessing supernatural powers.


The JGA fought in a nuclear war that cost all of their lives and led to the destruction of most of their planet's world. Ray was among those that survived, having been unfortunately mutated into an abominable, inhuman creature, and had developed vast psychic powers from the nuclear fallout. He used his newfound powers to recreate the world in which he lived, "resurrecting" his heroes and forcing other survivors of the war to play their roles in the illusion.

Forty years later, part of the Justice League entered the time-stream of the alternate Earth, they worked alongside the JGA to defeat schemes planned by the villainous Injustice Guild. Hawkgirl, while ending a battle of this manner, stumbled upon the graves of the "real" JGA, becoming suspicious as to what was really going on. After collecting evidence, the Justice League confronted the JGA and Ray. J'onn J'onzz exposes Ray as the source of the illusion, revealing his true form and his intentions to maintain the illusion he recreated. Ray defeats the Justice League in battle and was prepared to kill them before the JGA attacked him, who had accepted that they were simply Ray's "creations" and were prepared to die again to save their world. The JGA defeats Ray and the immense strain on Ray's mind causes the illusion and the JGA to seize to exist. Afterwards, the survivors, who have been freed from Ray's illusion, thanked the Justice League and intended to rebuild their world. It is unknown what became of Ray afterwards.

Powers and abilities

  • Reality alteration: After being exposed to radiation, Ray's brain mutated, developing the psychic power of altering reality in order to match his every whim. However, this was a limited illusion, that was in reality only a façade. He created a library, but all the books were filled entirely with blank pages. He only covered up the war-torn subway stations with a simple brick wall hidden on the other side of a basement door. The city structure itself was simple and sparsely detailed, much in line with a child's view of the world. Ray had even left the graveyard where the Justice Guild had been buried untouched, instead of hiding it. The Justice League easily noticed that the citizens were behaving strangely: the ice cream truck driver never stopped to serve anybody, there were only two police officers in the entire city, and threats spontaneously popped up out of nowhere whenever they came too close to uncovering the truth. Despite warping reality to his preferences, Ray was not able to reprogram the minds of those trapped in his illusion, who were well aware of the farce they were being forced to live.


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