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Raven X1-11

The Raven X1-11.

The Raven X1-11 was a prototype military helicopter designed and built by Wayne Enterprises.


Despite Bruce Wayne's misgivings, the Raven was developed and exhibited to a gathering of military officers, who were duly impressed with its performance. While Wayne was dissuaded about the idea of his company making weapons, the engineers ensure the Raven was designed with a reconnaissance role in mind. However, midway through the demonstration, it was revealed that the craft was actually being piloted by the Penguin and his gang, who stole the craft and threatened to cause massive destruction with it if a ransom wasn't paid. Though he had been temporarily blinded during Penguin's destructive demonstration, Batman managed to down the Raven and apprehend Penguin.


It is likely that, after the Raven fiasco, Wayne Enterprises abandoned any future weapons manufacture. By the time of Bruce's brief partnership with LexCorp, he was adamant that his company would not be a party to military uses of his technology.

Design and equipment[]

Large enough to carry a crew of several men, the Raven had several unique features making it highly effective both as a scout vehicle and an offensive weapon:

  • First, it was equipped for silent running, able to hush the noise of its own rotors to be nearly impossible to hear from a distance.
  • Second, it got a "cloaking device" which rendered it undetectable by radar and other electronic means of detection.
  • Third and most unique was its ZVF sensor package, which used a composite of radar and sonar to produce a vivid three-dimensional image for its pilot.
  • The Raven was also equipped with a powerful array of weapons, including side-mounted chain guns and a laser cannon mounted above the main rotor.
  • Though the Raven project was scrapped, Batman incorporated several of its features into his own equipment. He used a modified VFM module connected to his brain to temporarily overcome his blindness and also equipped his Batwing with a cloaking device.


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