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Rampage was a super strong woman and a member of the Legion of Doom.


Rampage was sent by Grodd to accompany Lex Luthor, Tala, Bizarro, Atomic Skull and Devil Ray to Nanda Parbat and steal the Heart of Nanda Parbat in order to enact Grodd's latest plot. In the temple of Nanda Parbat, Rampage helped to overthrow the temple monks. When Devil Ray killed the Master, Deadman swore revenge and possessed Rampage to beat Devil Ray down. Fortunately, the sorceress Tala cast a spell and freed Rampage of the ghost. She also appeared at the Legion's assault at Gorilla City. The Justice League intervened and Rampage was easily knocked by Wonder Woman and hurled at the Legion's guards.

Later, Rampage sided with Grodd's faction in the Legion mutiny. She managed to pull Bizarro off of Grodd, strike him with considerable force, allowing Electrocutioner to incapacitate him. She was later frozen by Killer Frost and blown up by Darkseid.

Background information

In the comics, Karen "Kitty" Faulkner was an employee of S.T.A.R. Labs where she was exposed to radiation that turned her into Rampage. Initially, Rampage was a mindless brute who had little in the way of higher intelligence, and was originally an enemy of Superman. However, Superman showed restraint when battling Rampage (because he mistakingly thought she was an alternate identity of Lois Lane), and helped her revert to Karen Faulkner. In due time, Dr. Faulkner was able to exert some influence over Rampage, and she became a superheroine.


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