"At my age, it's rather odd to find oneself a baby again..."
— Ragtag

Ragtag was a Bang Baby whose real name was unimportant to him.


Ragtag was homeless. He made a life for himself as best he could in the docks of Dakota. As a pesky teenager was about to ask him some questions for school research, they were both hit by the Big Bang.

Ragtag relocated to the construction site of Stucco City, where he made himself quite a palace on a rooftop. After discovering his power to give powers to others, he recruited the help of "Run" and "Jump", and later also "Push". By making them addicted to their powers, he gained their allegiance, and set them to commit robberies for him.

Richie and Static ultimately put an end to Ragtag's operations. While he was able to absorb most of Static's powers, Richie came to his aid. In the fight that followed, Ragtag was thrown into a dumpster. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.

Powers and abilities

Ragtag has the ability to give superpowers to other normal human beings by touch, making them into pseudo bang babies. But the powers he gave were always temporary so his patrons would need to refuel by meeting up with him again constantly. His power also worked in reverse as he could not only give energy but he could also take it away as he tried to do with Static. He could also charge his walking stick with energy for destructive purposes.


Static Shock

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