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"Few even think to ask the question..."[1]

The Question was a superhero and a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion. He was known for his "crackpot"[2] conspiracy theories and brilliant deductive skills.[3] Huntress introduced him as "the League's data guy, the conspiracy buff."[1] He used a flesh-colored mask that covered his face, along with a special yellow gas[3][4] that could change the colors of his hair and clothing.

The Question was possibly the most unconventional superhero ever to join the organization. He was a paranoid investigator who, by his own admission, shamelessly went through everyone's trash,[3] drove a car with no license plates,[1][5] and believed there was an ominous conspiracy inherent to everything.



Question's web

Question shows Supergirl and Green Arrow his conspiracy web.

The Question assisted Supergirl and Green Arrow in uncovering the truth behind Supergirl's eerie dreams, leading him to Galatea, her evil clone. Although his teammates dismissed his over-the-top theories, such as the connections between boybands and global warming and the Girl Scouts and the crop circle phenomenon, his deductions came to be true. Therefore, Batman appointed him to find a link between Project Cadmus and Lex Luthor.[3]

Flourishing Romance[]

Question and Huntress

Question and Huntress get their relationship started.

While Question was investigating, the Huntress offered information on Project Cadmus in return for him helping her track down Steven Mandragora, the man who had killed her parents. While Question knew Huntress really had no information about Cadmus, he played along, simply because he was attracted to her.

Question was incredibly perceptive, and he most likely investigated the background of every Leaguer, seeing as he knew everything about the Huntress before they met. He even knew that, although in Federal custody, Mandragora had a hidden agenda of his own involving his recently-kidnapped son.

After Question dissuaded her from murdering Mandragora in front of his son, the Huntress took a liking to him and they started dating.[1]


With the help of the Huntress, Question stole high-security files from a Cadmus terminal, in hopes of finding their link to Luthor. After cracking the files, he gained access to several classified information, namely Amanda Waller's simulations and everything about the Justice Lords. When the Question saw the security tape of Superman killing President Lex Luthor in the parallel universe,[6] he became convinced that those events were predestined to happen in his own reality, since many of the events that led up to that fateful moment were also already unfolding. Question saw how Waller's simulations predicted that a war between the Justice League and the government would result in Armageddon. He confronted Superman over the issue. Superman tried to assure him that he would never fight the government and would never become the Justice Lord Superman, but Question was unconvinced.

Question confronts Superman

Question confronts Superman

Question broke into LexCorp, where he was determined to kill Luthor in order to prevent Superman from doing so. Seeing as he was a "well-known crackpot", the Question believed that his actions wouldn't affect the League's reputation, and was willing to commit that sacrifice to guarantee Superman's untainted legacy. However, he was thwarted by Luthor, who mysteriously exhibited superhuman strength and easily beat him to the ground. Question was then taken under Cadmus custody, where Doctor Moon tortured him for the location of the stolen files. Question would simply answer with random conspiracy theories, like toothpaste being used to track people by satellite.[2]

Huntress rescues Question

Huntress and Question reunited.

Question was finally rescued by Superman and the Huntress and teleported to the Watchtower where he recuperated with the Huntress at his bedside. It was during his recovery that Question showed the Huntress his true face. As he lay in bed, he asked Huntress to get a small spray can out of his coat pocket and as such applied it to his mask which came off and the lovers shared a tender moment.[4] Shortly after, when the Ultimen invaded the Watchtower, the Question mustered enough strength to knock out one Juice clone with a bedpan, promptly saving Huntress.[7]

After his full recovery, Question kept going out with the Huntress and resumed his pursuit to uncover conspiracies.[8] He later answered the world-wide call to the entire Justice League when Darkseid invaded Earth and managed to take out a few Parademons with his car.[5]

Abilities and equipment[]

Despite possessing no special powers or gadgets, the Question was a skilled martial artist,[1][3] endowed with brilliant deductive skills and a genius intellect. He was also very skilled in the intimidation and interrogation of criminals, on par with Batman. His intimidation skills were derived from, at least in part, his featureless mask, which could be quite scary to an average person.[3]

He always saw the clue everyone overlooked and solved the conundrums he set himself out to investigate. The Question was always very suspicious of everything, and his inquisitive mind earned him a reputation of being paranoid and eccentric: Batman conceded that for all his deductive skills, he was "wound a bit too tightly."[9]

The Question used very little equipment. He used a special gas which could afix his mask to his face, leaving no trace that could be seen. This same gas also changed the color of his hair and his outfit.[3] Another gas would undo these effects, restoring his natural color and relaxing the mask. His mask came equipped with a visor he could see out of and a speaker for his mouth, both of which were only visible from the inside.

Aside from his distinctive "faceless" mask, his spray and classic GTO, the Question used no notable equipment. He made frequent use of whatever item was around as a weapon or tool.[3][7]

Background information[]

In DC comics, the character of Rorschach was modeled directly on Steve Ditko's The Question. Producer James Tucker has stated the DCAU version of The Question is inspired by Rorschach.[10]


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