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"I am the most powerful. And... One of the most powerful. Why shouldn't I be in charge?"

Queen was a member of the first Royal Flush Gang.


Queen was a metahuman who developed the ability to manipulate metal with her mind. Like the other members of the Royal Flush Gang, she was taken from her family by the U.S. government and educated at Project Cadmus's secret facility in the Arizona desert. The government's original plan was to use her and the other children as human weapons, before they were liberated by the Joker. Free of their captors, and encouraged by their new mentor to use their powers for mayhem, the kids happily became his new henchmen. Queen was somewhat rankled by King's assumption of leadership, believing herself the most powerful member of the gang, next to Ace.

Their first caper was to attack the Justice League in Las Vegas in order to stop them from thwarting Joker's bomb plot. Queen made good use of the quarters in the casino slot machines, using them as projectiles, then later did the same with the cars in the parking lot.

Trying to delay Green Lantern, Queen molded a mass of coins into a suit of body armor, complete with sword. When Hawkgirl arrived to help, Queen transformed her sword into a mockery of Hawkgirl's mace. Hawkgirl then struck a ringing blow with her mace, and knocked Queen out cold.

It is not clear what happened to Queen after the Joker's plot was foiled.

Powers and abilities

Queen possesses ferrokinesis, the ability to psychically manipulate metal. She could will any metal in her vicinity to respond to her thoughts ranging from simple levitation to forming armor by liquifying metal around her body and create weapons out of the suit like a sword or a mace.

Background information


  • Queen was voiced by Tara Strong, the third actress to voice Batgirl, and who also voices Raven on Teen Titans. Similar to Queen, Raven has the ability to control objects with her mind (telekinesis).


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