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Donna Walker was the Queen of the Royal Flush Gang.


Donna was the daughter of a former King, and judged her husband's actions by comparing him to her father as a standard. She became more and more angry with him when his thirst for revenge against Batman broke the family apart. Ten quit the family business for honest work, and the family was reduced to petty theft to make ends meet.

With Jack in prison, King proposed to kidnap Paxton Powers for ransom. Relieved that there was still some sense of intelligence in her husband, she approved of the plan.

Ransoming Paxton proved to be a difficult job as they had not counted on the stubbornness of Wayne-Powers' owner Bruce Wayne. Powers then upped the stakes by buying himself out, and ordering the Royal Flush Gang to kill Bruce. The plan went sour, and when Batman arrested Queen, King ran off. Queen escaped and confronted King; she also discovered that he was having an affair with Paxton's assistant, Sable Thorpe. She angrily attacked them but didn't realize that Batman hadn't immediately recaptured her so she would inadvertently lead the hero to their hideout, resulting in the arrest of both herself and her husband.


Batman Beyond

Members of the Royal Flush Gang:
Joker's Group AceJackKingQueenTen
Ace's Group AceJackKingQueenTen
Walker Family AceJackKingQueenTen