DC Animated Universe

Puff was a witty wannabe bounty hunter and the best friend of Onyx.


After the Big Bang, Puff and Onyx were homeless vagrants out on the street, stuck going through garbage for food. When they saw in the newspaper about Rubberband Man having a bounty on his head, they decided to become bounty hunters and track him down. After their first encounter with him, they also met Static, who tried to interfere, but was quickly incapacitated by Puff's acid gas. When they heard about Rubberband Man's deal, they realized he would go to Sharon Hawkins for support, they waited and tried to spring a trap on him. It was Virgil Hawkins' lucky timing that prevented them from catching him. After failing to catch him, they were out of luck finding any source of income.

It was at this time they tried to rob the Dakota Multiplex, that Static showed up, and in the process of the fight hurt Daisy Watkins, put her into a coma. Static lost his control, and Puff realized she and Onyx could use that to their advantage. However, in the end, they lost again with a timely assist from Rubberband Man, who calmed Static down and got him to think straight.

After losing again, Puff created the Meta-Men, a team of Bang Babies Static fought before. They attacked Static, and would have won, if not for the interference of the Justice League, particularly the Flash, who took down Puff himself.

Sometime later, Puff and Onyx tried to rob a mall, only to get taken down by Static once again. It is unknown if she still has her powers after the release of the cure.

Powers and abilities[]

Puff could transmute her body (either as a whole or just parts of it) into a cloud of gaseous vapor. She could also excrete gases from her mouth, which could be knock-out gas or a corrosive acidic cloud, dependent on her mood. When in cloud-form, she was vulnerable to water and wind. Her lower half turns into a cloud enabling her to fly or hover. She could also go through small spaces or cracks in her cloud form.

Background information[]

In the Milestone comics, a character named Puff appears, though her likeness is substantially different from her animated namesake. Though they share the same powers, Puff was white and blonde in the comics, and had a green cloud rather than a purple one. She was partnered with Coil and spread various love letters and notes in order to lure Static into a trap.


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