DC Animated Universe

Pudge was a member of Bogg's crew.


Pudge helped Bogg harass Wade Pennington on the beach of Malibu Island. When Zeta and Ro intervened, Pudge tried to escape. Ro managed to block his view with a towel, causing him to crash into a volleyball net. He got himself untangled, and escaped with the rest of the gang.

The crew made it to the old Surfside Repairs Garage. Bogg fixed his bike, while Pudge and Nub sat around drinking sodas. Zeta and Ro showed up, asking them about the kidnapping of Wade. Nub and Pudge attacked Zeta, but they were thrown into a wall. They watched in horror as Bogg's fight ignited oil and power cells, and ran for their lives. They managed to escape the garage before the explosion, though they had to leave Bogg behind.


The Zeta Project