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Psycho-Pirate was a member of Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom.


The Psycho-Pirate became a member of Grodd's Legion of Doom as one of the Legion's minor members. When Grodd attempted to turn all humans into apes, Lex Luthor overthrew Grodd, which Psycho-Pirate witnessed. He smiled at the change.

Background information

The action figure of this character, released by Mattel in the Justice League Unlimited line has confirmed that this is indeed Psycho-Pirate. In Justice League Adventures #20, his identity is revealed to be former psychiatrist Roger Hayden.

In the DCU, Roger Hayden was a gangster who has been arrested in the same jail as Charles Halstead, a criminal and former linotypist who had once been a criminal adopting the moniker of Psycho-Pirate, and who had fought against the Justice Society of America. Halstead longed for a successor in the title, and trained Hayden in the use of emotions in crime, culminating with the story of the Medusa Masks, legendary items capable of forcing a person to experience determinate emotions. Having completed his training, Hayden broke out and captured the Masks, eventually melting them all into a golden faceplate with control above all emotions. Hayden proved to be addicted to the newly forged Mask's power to absorb emotions, though it caused him pain and headaches; however, the Mask rewarded him by bonding with him in a superior way, even allowing him to reformulate the Mask at will. He and his powers would eventually prove to be pivotal in both the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis.


Justice League Unlimited

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