DC Animated Universe

Roberts commencing Project Omni

Project Omni was the project that Dr. Karen Roberts had been working on in order to gain access to all of the world's computer systems, essentially the entire digital network.


During her time at Alva Industries, Karen Roberts had been working tirelessly to discover Static's secret identity, on orders from her employer, Edwin Alva. Alva, no longer holding a grudge against Static, ordered Dr. Roberts to halt plans to discover his secret identity. She refused, which lead to her dismissal. She decided to take any valuable data that she had collected from Alva Industries after her removal (including the information regarding Static's alter-ego).

Dr. Roberts planned to take control of the world's computer networks and become a being of digital omnipotence. In order to carry out this plan, she used Static to retrieve the necessary components for the project, threatening to kill his father if he did not comply. Once the project initially got underway, Omnara had temporary access to all of the computer systems within Dakota, and supposedly the entire world. This was thwarted by the efforts of Static and Gear.


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